Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fountains of Wayne on Pitchfork...

This 3.0 review of Fountains of Wayne's Traffic And Weather is thoroughly misguided that it provoked me to write. I'd like to ask pitchfork to please stop intellectualizing music until there's nothing left but bland ideas that the band, in all likelihood, didn't even intend. It's just this attitude that leads indie rock shows to be hands jammed in pockets nerd fests. God forbid you shake your ass or yell something stupid like, "it's time to rock, motherfucker!!" That would break that aura of uber cool that so many spend so much time cultivating.

Traffic And Weather isn't high art. It is a collection of great pop songs full of hook and wry lyricism. Sit back, enjoy, roll the windows down and stop thinking to fucking much.

Man, thank God that Christgau got it right


Have you seen this? Brilliant and odd.