Friday, November 12, 2004

Blanket Music

I found the record label Hush while doing some research for a review of the Paper Hearts. They have quite an eclectic spread of music but in general they seem to concentrate on intelligent well played mellow pop music. The band that caught my ear is called Blanket Musicfrom Portland and the music does have a certain comfort to it, like a warm blanket during this impending nights of chill. They're kinda all over the place stylistically but they made me think of Luna with an off singer tempered with a bit of bossa nova and Stephen Malkmus. It's clever stuff, very poppy in a smart way. I'm off to Las Vegas so no long editorializing today. Have a good weekend!!

From Blanket Music's most recent record Cultural Norms:

You Shouldn't Have Said That

From their previous record Move:



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