Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Well, I survived Las Vegas. It wasn't for a lack of trying to do myself some serious damage. It's the lack of sleep that gets ya. You just can't tell what time it is inside the casino. So the rule of thumb I figured out was add 3 hours to whatever time you think it is and add 30mins for each beer you've drunk to whatever time you think it is. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

So when in Vegas I could've seen Morrissey for $100 a ticket and spent my evening depressed. Or I could've gone to see Elton John for $250 a ticket and spent my evening confused by that pudgy little nebish. The only clear option was going to a strip club, but that's another story entirely given that my mom sometimes reads this blog.

So, safely back in the Bay Area and praying for a good nights sleep tonight I'm all about the mellow sounds of ambient, orchestrated pop music. To that end I give you oRSo. These ladies and gentlemen (and after a weekend in Las Vegas I've lost all view of what those 2 words mean) are culled from the bands Caifone, Rex, and Red Red Meat. The man behind the whole thing is Phil Spirito who provides a really cool sounding banjo and guitar to the proceedings that give the music a folky feel. oRSo plays an odd mix of orchestrated dream pop tempered with violins, violas, double bass and plucked cat whiskers (that last one I'm not sure about but sometimes I swear that's what I'm hearing). It's interesting stuff, good mellow I-need-something-to-cushion-this-fall type music. Excellent lyrics as well.

These songs are generously provided on their website and are all of their album "My Dreams Are Back and They're Better Than Ever" released on Perishable Records:

Loaded For Bear
Milanesa Two
Xmas Tomorrow (little soul mix)


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