Friday, October 07, 2005

Amusement Parks On Fire...

Maybe you've heard the slight rumbling buzz about this band. It's certainly no Wolf Parade or Arcade Fire type buzz, but there's buzzing none the less. Amusement Parks On Fire is essentially one lad playing all the instruments on the record: drums, guitars, pianos, strings. What makes it kinda amazing is that the kid was only 19 when he made the album. What you hear immediately upon playing Amusements Parks On Fire is how well he's absorbed the lessons of Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine and the Reid brothers with Jesus And Mary Chain. It would be unfair to simply label Amusements Parks On Fire as a mere imitator, because while there's defiintely a note of plagiarism here there's also a keen ear for sonic detail, melody and song contruction. Given the age that we're talking about (I think I was still stunned that I was having sex at age 19) the potential for greatness lurks. I've really been enjoying this record of late (I've only had it about 4 days), it reminds me of being a younger music fan and that always feels good to my cynical ass.

1 song (there are only 9) from Amusement Parks On Fire:



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