Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Catfish Haven...

Ok first off I'm really sleepy. I'm looking for sympathy or anything i'm just stating the facts and giving you a reason for a less verbose offering than perhaps you're used to. I'll just leave it at this: I got the Catfish Haven 6 song EP on Secretly Canadian yesterday and spent the evening listening to it while folding laundry (I know too much information) and it's frickin' good, homie can really sing. It's good stuff and bodes well for a full album. I'm too sleepy to post files myself at the moment so I'm being a lazy schmuck and linking to an mp3 file over at Secretly Canadian. Apologies to all who are offended, but it's so worth a listen.

from Catfish Haven's EP Please Come Back

Please Come Back

Buy it over HERE


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