Thursday, February 23, 2006

So this is what I'm thinking...

Feeling much better today but I'm still going with a totally random and scattered post. Stuff that's been landing on my potential best of 2006 list at this stage of the game:

The Jenny Lewis record Rabbit Fur Coat is great. There's just no way around it. I like it more with every listen.

Beth Orton's Comfort of Strangers I am not feeling. Maybe it's because the Jenny Lewis is so good, but Orton's record just sounds a bit thin. May it'll grow on me.

Centro-matic's Fort Recovery is easily their most consistent, well produced, expansive album yet. You will get it.

Arab Strap's Last Romance is also a completely arresting work from a band that was always good but for me a couple of songs away from being top of the line. Not this time, this album is great.

Brian Borcherdt's last album was released in 2005 but since I was late coming to it I will bend time itself and include him in my 2006 list. I can do that. I continue to be impressed by his Vol. 2. It just gets better. Please reread my post on him as there wil be a quiz later.

And in parting here are 2 tracks from Neko Case's impending album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood:

Star Witness

Hold On Hold On


Blogger howard said...

I have to say that neither the jenny lewis or the beth orton did much for me despite repeated listenings. I didn't realise that arab strap had resurfaced - thanks for the heads up.

5:38 AM  
Blogger evan said...

I'm with you on Centro-Matic. Awesome release. Can't stand the Jenny lewis though.

You should come by my blog--I'm doing a give-away for an unsigned band called rademacher. They're really good. If you like centro, you might like them, too.

2:03 PM  

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