Thursday, April 13, 2006

Portugal. The Man...

Portugal. The Man is not Bars & Guitars typical. I mean I'm not usually attracted to this kind of proggy, psych rock mixed with a little R&B and indie rock vocals. I find I don't really get along with anything that sounds vaguely like someone jacking off via guitar or harmonica for that matter. I'm not a musician's listener I'm a songwriter's listener. But holy rope-a-dope this album by Portugal. The Man Waiter: You Vultures is searingly good in a kind of face melting 70's cock rock kind of want to dance type of way and if that sounds confusing it is. I've had the most success with Waiter: You Vultures when I listen without thinking. That's not easy for me. I'm always trying to make comparisons, find influences, deconstruct, reconstruct, nerdify. But Portugal. The Man insists on just being and really you should just let them. Stop arguing, this shit rocks.

2 songs from Portugal. The Man's Waiter: You Vultures:


How The Leopard Got Its Spots


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