Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mojave 3...

Mojave 3 have been at it a long time. As far as indie rock bands go they're practically grandparents. They've always had a nice blend of jangle and twang and the new record Puzzles Like You on 4 AD keeps up their excellent track record. More so than their other records Puzzles Like You has a much poppier taste. It harkens back to the early records and the Slowdive days much less than in the past. The sense of moodiness that occupies much of M3's catalog (instigated by liberal uses of pedal steel) doesn't hang over this record. There's much more emphasis on guitar jangle, harmony and soaring choruses. It's an strong record that perhaps doesn't distinguish itself as much as I'd like. Older M3 records may have made you nod off a bit but at least they were uniquely identifiable. Puzzles Like You feels too long by 2 songs but the 10 best songs on this record are far better than the dreck issuing forth from KLLC and Live 105. All in all a pretty fine record.

2 songs from Puzzles Like You:
Big Star Baby

To Hold Your Tiny Toes


Blogger howard said...

thanks for the heads up. I'm a big mojave 3 fan, and am always glad when they put new stuff out.

4:37 PM  

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