Friday, September 29, 2006


Channels straight up hits it hard; rocks, know what I'm sayin'. Channels is a three pieces set up fronted by J. Robbins who you may remember from Jawbox another band that hit it pretty hard. Channels' Waiting For The Next End is a loud shard of guitar noise that always seem to assemble itself into a tuneful melodic final product. I would expect nothing less from J. Robbins. Of particular interest on this record are a) the decidedly political lyrics that don't beat you over the head but nuddge and allude and b) the additional female vocals of Robbins' wife Janet Morgan that temper the rought edges just right.

I've only listened to this about 4 times thus far but find myself mighty impressed. Frankly, I don't know how this one snuck by me. I'm a huge Jawbox fan and a DC native at that. I might be a little late to this party but I know that this record deserves far better than the 6.6 that Pitchbitch gave it. Waiting For The Next End is full of hooks, loudness, noise, rock, melody, sincerity, beauty:


Today's political note: With the impending passage of the terrorist detainee act the political powers of our country, both those that conpsired to pass this legislation and those that stood by and watched due to election year paralysis, have officially took down its pants and shat on everything that our forefathers (and I mean anyone from 1776 to Vietnam Vet) fought to preserve.

Have a great weekend.


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