Monday, November 22, 2004

Top 20 Singles 2004 ?

I recently had to compile a list of my top 20 singles for Stylus Magazine, something I don't have a firm grip on since I'm not usually a single driven listener and never, ever listen to the radio. Ok, I go a little MTV/VH1 time now and then to see what the kids are up to. Here's my list (remember this is mine, not the final Stylus List which involves compiling all the reviewers lists) let me know what you think:

(in no particular order):

RJD2 & Ric Ocasek: Through the Walls
Tube & Berger w/ Chryssie Hynde: Straight Ahead
Annie: Me Plus One
Groove Armada: I See You Baby (old song rereleased this year, still great)
Sage Francis: Slow Down Ghandi
Beastie Boys: Ch Ch Check it out
Modest Mouse: Float On
Morrissey: Irish Blood English Heart
Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out
Bjork feat. Kelis: Oceania
Outkast: Roses
Snow Patrol: Run
Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
The Go! Team: The Power Is On
Junior Boys: High Come Down
Destinys Child: Lose My Breath
Gwen Stefani: What Are You Waiting For
A.C. Newman: Miracle Drug
Arcade Fire: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)


Blogger No Tomorrow Charlie said...

Hmmm... don't agree with your list hehe, though there are some good artists in it. You write for an e-zine, that's nice, I'm jealous haha.


check mine: (be careful, it's in Dutch)

5:29 AM  

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