Tuesday, December 14, 2004

2004 Best Songs U didn't hear Pt. 2

Ok, here's my plan this week. I've got 15 songs that I think most people haven't heard but should've. If anything this year has made me realize how much good interesting music there is out there and how impossible it is to hear it all. They may be from albums you've heard of, I've written about or I hate but a single song is redeeming. There's at least 2 songs here from albums that I frankly think sucked a bit, but the individual song is a shining salvation. Thank God for iPod playlists. I'm going to post 3 or 4 a day and if you download religously by Friday you should have a decent mix to burn or new playlist for the pod. There may be a song or two that I blogged about way back when I started doing this thing, but since my readership has gone from 4 to about 12 some of these songs were probably overlooked. I'm going for the standard bell curve mix tape. That is, it starts out mellow builds to something rocking and then lets you down easy again. Be forewarned, I'm all over the place with these songs. I find that's at least part of the fun of thinking about a years worth of music. I feel justified in including alt-country, a little hip hop, indie-rock, etc. in one place because there's so much good music out there this year. As always you're encouraged, nay implored, to purchase these artists. So, away we go:

Day #2. After a mellow start things start picking up a bit.

4) A.C. Cotton - Over And Done. The more I listen to Notes For The Conversation the more I like this record. It's a very straightforward rock record. By that I mean it probably has a lot more in common with John Mellencamp than Arcade Fire. Of course people will try to label this with everything from lo-fi pop to country-tinged rock. It's just very well done. Get it HERE

5) Luna - Star Spangled Man. I kinda figure that most people who read Bars & Guitars are aware of Luna and their farewell album Rendezvous. I think it's quite underrated. I think so many people are accustomed to the level of excellence that a long time band like Luna provides that a really good record is taken for granted. I love this song. Get it HERE

6) Ryan Adams - Funeral Marching. Does anybody playing right now conjure up stronger emotions than Mr. Adams? You either love him or hate him. You love how prolific he is or you hate it. You love is genre jumping or you hate it. There doesn't seem to be much in between. I've always enjoyed his output. I liked both parts of Love is Hell and think his ode to every influence he's ever had, Rock And Roll, was unfairly dismissed. This song came out on a weird little internet only release this year. Great car song.


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

All nice stuff, but something wrong with track 4 A.C. Cotton - Over And Done.

Love it and thanks

10:38 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Thanks very much. Link for A.C. Cotton is fixed

10:54 AM  

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