Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eef Barzelay..

If you don't know who Eef Barzelay is then you probably don't know the band Clem Snide and on both accounts you are a sad, miserable little rockist. Most likely you've heard of Eef's band Clem Snide who last year gave us a lovely record in End Of Love because if you heard the name Eef you'd probably remember it. Well the folks at Spin Art have quietly released a Barzelay solo record. No much fan fare and just about under my radar (remember I don't live in New York) Barzelay's Bitter Honey is a wonderful slice of, well, bitter honey. Combining his uncanny ability to write hooky melodic pop songs with what can only be termed a bitter streak a mile wide Barzelay has produced a quiet almost folky solo record. It doesn't have the full band treatment of Clem Snide and never rocks as much, but its really quite precious and nice. Barzelay has a way with lyrics and this stripped down approach really allows his cynical, sarcastic, caustic words to take center stage. A fine outing from one of our better songwriters. It's available on iTunes.

1 song from Bitter Honey:

Bitter Honey


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