Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here And There...

Welcome to June. That's not a band it's a declaration. First of all if you've neglected my repeated calls to check out Enablers Output Negative Space you should proceed immediately to the idiot box and begin to eat sand. I mean c'mon this record is fantastic and you're missing out. How many records will you hear this year that can easily be claimed by the post rock crowd, the indie rockers, and literary cafe huggers alike? It's damn good and you should have it.

In other news I recently received the new record by Dirty on Purpose Hallelujah Sirens. It's got a distinctly poppier edge to it than their EP Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow. There's still that echoey chiming Edge-esque guitar going on but there's more harmony, keyboard and horn than on the EP. Not a bad listen by any means but it's not going to reach out grab you, shake you by the collar. It's more mannered than that. Still, good songs and I don't feel insulted listening to it which is really something considering that I'm a terrible cynic.

1 from Hallelujah Sirens:

Your Summer Dress


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