Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am such a sucker for Owen's heart on the sleeve songs of love and break up. Every since I heard the song "In The Morning Before Work", I've been hooked. Sure it's emo without the bite, but Mike Kinsella (who is in fact %100 Owen) isn't trying to hop a craze or bite someone's style. He just wants to write pretty minor chord songs and emote with his half talk half sing voice that seems to issue quietly from him like air from the end of an antique bellows.

Well, Owen has released a new one on Polyvinyl called At Home With Owen. It's part and parcel with the rest of his catalog, there isn't a lot of daring here but he's gotten so good with his songwriting that's it's hard not to be charmed this record. If you're already a fan you'll be quite happy with this release. If you're just getting a look some of Kinsella's best work is here. Check his cover for VU's "Femme Fatale".

There's an additional MP3 on the polyvinyl page, but I've post my fave track from the album.

From At Home With Owen:

Windows And Doors


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