Monday, October 04, 2004

This is a pop gem from Matt Pond PA. They're the kind of band that's criminally underappreciated. This particular track is an iTunes only download, a special 4 song EP deal that they did for the rapidly consuming mega super legal download (but you've gotta have an iPod, but really who in their right mind doesn't) music store. It reminds me alot of XTC and even the Go-Betweens. The rest of the songs are quite good as well. As I understand it this song isn't entirely representative of the Matt Pond PA catalog, which is bit mellower. Evidently, until recently he only did shows seated with an acoustic guitar and his band. He recently discarded the chair. I'm sure that it was traumatic for any number of fans who quickly shook their hands and mumbled under their breath, "Man, you've changed." I'm not a die hard fan enough to really care. I just like this song a whole lot.

Closest (Look Out)


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