Monday, December 13, 2004

2004 Best Songs You Didn't Hear...

Ok, here's my plan this week. I've got 15 songs that I think most people haven't heard but should've. If anything this year has made me realize how much good interesting music there is out there and how impossible it is to hear it all. They may be from albums you've heard of, I've written about or I hate but a single song is redeeming. There's at least 2 songs here from albums that I frankly think sucked a bit, but the individual song is a shining salvation. Thank God for iPod playlists. I'm going to post 3 or 4 a day and if you download religously by Friday you should have a decent mix to burn or new playlist for the pod. There may be a song or two that I blogged about way back when I started doing this thing, but since my readership has gone from 4 to about 12 some of these songs were probably overlooked. I'm going for the standard bell curve mix tape. That is, it starts out mellow builds to something rocking and then lets you down easy again. Be forewarned, I'm all over the place with these songs. I find that's at least part of the fun of thinking about a years worth of music. I feel justified in including alt-country, a little hip hop, indie-rock, etc. in one place because there's so much good music out there this year. As always you're encouraged, nay implored, to purchase these artists. So, away we go:

1) Unbunny - Nothing Comes To Rest
Unbunny's Snow Tires easily makes my top ten list this year. The album is a wistful collection of heartbreak. Melodic and well written Jared Del Deo recalls Neil Young, Lou Barlow, and the Scud Mountain Boys. He's sad but he makes it sound really good. Buy HERE

2) Iron & Wine - Cinder And Smoke Our Endless Numbered Days is yet another testament to Sam Beam and his ability to make quiet powerful. To say this is a rainy day song, doesn't do it justice. It's both more joyful and more sinister than that. I love the carefully moaned "yeah, yeah, yeah" (I think that's what he's singing) with about a minute and half to go. Buy at Mile Of Music

3) Court & Spark - Sundowner, You. Witch Season also makes my top ten of the year. Something happened to Court & Spark this year. They feinted one way with an experimental EP called Dead Diamond River that seemed to indicate a fascination with their more odd ball tendencies. But roared back with Witch Season which contains some of their best material. It's a lilting salute to the 70's socal country rock scene. You can hear the Flying Burrito Brothers, Buffalo Springfield and even a little Eagles. But it is of course uniquely Court & Spark's own, more poppy and more country than previous releases. Buy HERE


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This is a great series of posts. That Court & Spark track is one of my favs for the year.

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