Monday, November 29, 2004

It's time for more Unbunny

Hello all. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and, like me, stuffed themselves to near puking with good food and company. I myself spent so much time with the King of Beers that I'm now a member of the royal family. It happens that way when you spend holidays in the mountains. Sometimes there's nothing better to do than open one up. Of course, if it's before noon beer must be mixed with Snappy Tom or some spicy V8 to insure adequate vitamin C intake.

Anyway I've been listening to alot of Unbunny of late. I've been enjoying Jared Del Deo's music so much that I went out and bought his first and only album for Two Ton Santa called Black Strawberries. I wrote about the most recent Unbunny album Snow Tires not so long ago, but I've found Black Strawberries to be easily its equal. Black Strawberries feels somehow more raw than Snow Tires although I can't say exactly why. It may be that Del Deo is a little more apt to venture into "jammier" territory on this record, letting the sparks fly with some Neil Youngesque guitar solos on certain songs. But the backbone of this album (as is the case with Snow Tires are Del Deo's plaintive singing, introspective lyrics and solid songwriting. If you've remained unconvinced by my earlier glorifying of Unbunny either here or at Stylus Magazine then perhaps these tracks will embolden my case.

All tracks are from Black Strawberries which can be purchased HERE. Enjoy. It's nice to be back.


Freezing Scene



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