Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Landing Gear down...

Camping out in the twin cities area for the last decade or so, Landing Gear has seen some industry up and downs. Originally signed to a label in the mid '90s as Hovercraft (they had to dump that name because another band was using it) they played the old disappearing act after their debut came out. Lead singer/songwriter Jay Hurley reformed in 2000 as Landing Gear. Now here we are 4 years and 1 EP later they've finally gotten around to releasing their first proper album. Entitled Break-up Songs for Relationships that never Happened the album is so full of fat hooks you could go fishing with it. They are harmonies galore and they make me smile. Landing Gear is a pop band first and foremost, there's no political sloganeering or a general sense of self-importance from the band. Just really well written ditties that will stick in your head. It's with both head-scratching and a who-cares-shrug that I must report that their song "Atmosphere" was featured in an episode of the WB's "Roswell". While that may not exactly cement their indie ethos with the hip kids, I suppose it is a testament to the bands ability to write a catchy song. There are so many bands out there right now that preach proficiency over songcraft or image first before making people nod their head to the beat, that I find bands like Landing Gear to be really refreshing. I file this under guilty pleasure. It's so delicious but the hipsters will only listen to it by themselves in their cars and not tell their friends. So I'm telling you. Here's three:


Columbus, OH

Surprise, Surprise


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