Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Helio Sequence...

The Helio Sequence is as much as anything an indication of how far a label like Subpop has come. The Helio Sequence is the most interesting combination of electronic and organic music. The Helio Sequence combines new wave guitar sounds, synthesizers with acoustic drums, harmonic, harmonies. It's a really unusual mix of elements that come together into a cohesive dose of upbeat pop. Some may argue that there's maybe one too many throwaway tracks here, but now adays if %90 of an album is worth listening to I figure you're doing pretty well. Many bands would sink under the weight of this much varied instrumentation but it's a credit to their song writing that their 2004 album The Love and Distance is as much fun as it is. It never feels gimmicky or that they're more concerned with showing off than writing a good song. This album really should've gotten more attention this year.

2 songs from The Love and Distance courtesy of Subpop:

Everyone Knows Everyone

Blood Bleeds

You can also check out a video for "Everyone knows Everyone" HERE

Pick it up HERE


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