Monday, December 27, 2004

Kevin Salem...

A bit late today, but I just got back into town. I was listening to both Kevin Salem and his former band Dumptruck, who produced an indie rock essential in the album For The Country. Dumptruck was one of the core purveyors of 80's pop rock (along with REM, Connells, Pylon, Guadacanal Diary) though Salem didn't join the outfit until their last album his guitar work made For The Country memorable. It's interesting how some solo artists do all that they can to escape any association with former bands both musically and in personality. I don't really see Salem doing either in his solo work. Both his solo albums Ecstatic and Glimmer are a sweet echo of For The Country and that's a good thing. Salem still employs a thick crunchy wall of guitar that's tinged just subtly with a country/pop vibe. Aside from an unfortunate song in which he tries to employ a rapper within the confines of his jangle rock, both these albums are very good. I'd dig into Glimmer first.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

From 1998's Glimmer:

Run, Run, Run

Pray For Rain

From 2001's Ecstatic:

1000 Smiles

Medicine Show


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