Friday, December 31, 2004

Last Post of 2004...

I hope everyone's had a good year. It's been rather decent for me. I've listened with attention to more music this year than I have since I was in my very early twenties. It's been great to write about it and to discover that there's so much good unnoticed underappreciated music to hear. I've really enjoyed writing Bars & Guitars, I hope that whoever reads this has found a few items worth buying. Support independent music, it's the best stuff going. Have a safe new year's eve. It's amateur night tonight, so watch out for the dingbats.

Today I'm posting a band that i've been listening to a ton lately. I discovered The Dying Californian during one of my compulsive scans of record label sites. These guys are on the same label that released Track Star (one of my favorite SF bands) so I figured they must be doing something right. Turn Records is located here in the bay area and has an excellent roster of bands. They seem to concentrate most on the undefined and nebulous "indie-rock" sound. The Dying Californian is a rock band with a strong tendency towards drawn out country rock jams. These guys roots lie in hardcore. As with many hardcore bands as their musicianship grew other influences (Americana, country) started to creep in creating a much more dynamic sound. Kind of like My Morning Jacket without the reverb but with better drumming. I'd say the only aquired taste here is the voice of the lead singer. It grates at first, but soon becomes an invaluable part of the bands sound.

3 from We Are The Birds That Stay:

Phobos & Deimos

My Heaven Knows No Reign

Chris's Blues

The album can be purchased direct off the Turn Records site.


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