Friday, December 24, 2004

Tom T. Hall...

Way back in 1998 I got wind of some guy putting together a tribute to Tom T. Hall. Now Tom isn't very well known because he's a songwriter's songwriter. By that I mean that tons of people covered him and many had hits with his songs. The one we all remember the best is, I'm sure, "Harper Valley PTA". But he wrote plenty of other good things. Anyway, this tribute record turned out really well and it still gets some pretty solid time in the music rotation. I really feel like Real: The Tom T Hall Project is worth owning if not because it may just get you interested in checking out some of Tom's music, but because the artist lineup is really stellar and the performances are uniformly nuanced bits of excellence. Here are a couple tracks from the album.

Have a Merry Christmas, be safe, don't drink and drive (it's better to be loaded in the confines of your home or that of your friends or in my case the in-laws).

From Real: The Tom T Hall Project:

That's How I Got To Memphis - Kelly Willis

When Love is Gone - Richard Buckner

Tulsa Telephone Book - Calexico


Anonymous Anonymous said...

drinking and driving sucks
especially for those of us that drink and ride
as if people are not dumb enough as it is
put alcohol into the body of some asshole with a cell phone and an SUV....
I can not believe that Natural Selection is not faster at work!

2:30 PM  

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