Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Real Tuesday Weld...

I can't claim to be passionate about The Real Tuesday Weld, I'm more lukewarm appreciative. In fact I had no contact or knowledge at all of the band until about 7 months ago when I friend of mine put 3 songs of theirs on a mix he gave me. It's decent music, kind of dreamy and far away, the lead singer has a sultry smooth voice, the production is sterling, tight and clear. I don't usually go in for this style of music, but there is something nice about it at certain times. It fits very well as background music (I really don't mean that negatively), dinner conversation music, long drive music. It swirls like creamy pudding fresh off the stove. It's advanced pop music, meaning that the compositions are still very much based in pop structure (verse, chorus, verse, strongly melodic) but infused with beat and ambient tones. The band is currently using a blog to support the release of their record The Clerkenwell Kid.

From the blog site, which is well done and well written with lots of interesting stories that (presumably) relate to the songs on the record, you can stream the record or download some individual tracks. Cool way to get people interested in hearing the record.

from the The Clerkenwell Kid (released on June 21):

Something Beautiful


Blogger Transitional Love Objects said...

Hi, just wanted to mention that the album you reviewed above ('The Return of The Clerkenwell Kid') is actually a repackaged version of The Real Tuesday Weld's first album ('When Cupid Meets Psyche'). Their last album proper, 'I Lucifer', is far superior and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the union of scratchy old 1930s vinyl recordings with heartfelt French ballads and bright'n'breezy electro-pop.

12:00 PM  
Blogger kat said...

well technically its more than just a repackaged version. there are new songs & most of the older songs have been redone. cupid & psyche came out on such a small label & in such small quantities in the states that most people haven't heard it. that said you are right that i, lucifer is a great cd though personally i love this one!

9:32 AM  

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