Monday, October 03, 2005

Harvey Danger...

I'm sure you remember these guys since they had one of the most ubiquitous songs of the 90's in "Flagpole Sitta". Catchy little number for sure. It's stuck in my head to this day and god knows I've drank enough to kill it over the last 10 years. Anyway, I get their latest in the mail for review the other day, my first reaction, obviously, is to think, "hmm, these still together?" Well, it seems that Harvey Danger has been active. After the "Flagpole Sitta" heights they fell a bit with their follow up King James Version which I honestly haven't heard. Well here we are six years later and this record Little By Little limps across my desk like a stray pup looking for a home. Of course, I'm making things dramatic for effect. It has been six years since their last album but I don't think they've been working at Burger King or anything. I wasn't sure what to expect from Little By Little but I'm pleasantly surprised. The new sound of Harvey Danger seems part and parcel of the current piano based indie pop phenomenon. (perhaps phenomenon is a bit too strong a word, but something's going on here). I'm talking Coldplay, Keane, Spoon, et al. These bands are like the bastard seed of what was planted by Billy Joel and Elton John so many years ago. Well, Little By Little is very much in this vein. I might even argue (I can hear my blogger profile being burned in effigy) that it's as good as Gimme Fiction though in a more pop way.

The odd thing about Little By Little is that the song they're using as a single "Cream And Bastards Rise" is not at all indicative of what the rest of the record sounds like. I guess they're trying to hook the whole "Flagpole Sitta" crowd. Whatev.

I'm posting my favorite track from Little By Little, but if you follow links and pay attention you'll see that you can download the whole album off their website for nothing. nada. zip. They'll give the bitch away if you can take the time to bittorrent the bugger. I must say that the packaging is excellent and comes with a bonus disc with some interesting stuff thus making it worth a purchase.

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