Monday, September 12, 2005

El Capitan...

So I was up a bit late last night taking in The Decemberists at The Fillmore here in SF. Such a great band and such exuberant performers. I really thought that today's post would be about the band relegated to the Fillmore's back room, playing in between the sets of the bands on the main stage the Wine Chuggers (I haven't been able to track down a website as of yet) played super smooth alt-country-lounge rock reminding me very much of a more urbane Scud Mountain Boys. Good stuff. But I have no music to post about them, though they're sending me a CD so I'll have something at some point.

So today I speak (well, write I guess) of El Capitan a San Francisco five piece that plays a lovely brand of folk pop. The songs are really strong though I find they meander a bit, I think there's some jam base in these guys. But aside from my knee jerk reaction to all things vaguely hippy I really like what they're doing and really like that they're local. If you're in the SFBA they're playing this wednesday at The Rickshaw Stop with Phosphorescent (who I think put out one of the best albums of the year) and my man Dominic East from Our Lady of The Highway (who have one of the best unreleased album of the year). Should be a good show.

3 songs from El Capitan's Self Titled debut:


Cat's Cradle

Silo Song


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