Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thee More Shallows...

I've been knee deep in this band lately. Mostly because I was reviewing their currennt record More Deep Cuts, but even if I wasn't reviewing it I'd be listening to it. It's a really strong sophomore effort. I'll spare you all my usual mouth running since you can read the review if you're really curious. Instead I'll just give you some important things to think about.

Important thing #1 - Their label is Turn Records. Home of The Dying Calfornian amongst other fine bands Turn keeps churning out the good stuff.

Important thing #2 - You won't be able to easily and conveniently categorize More Deep Cuts. It's operating on too many disparate levels at one time.

Important thing the last - With 3 years between their debut and this record who knows how long it will be before these perfection minded kids give us another record. So get on this now.

from More Deep Cuts:

Freshman Thesis

2 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Ran into your site when reading up on this band. I too have been quite immersed into them, and I think they have potential to be really huge. Just great great music.

2:24 PM  

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