Friday, August 19, 2005


ALL HAIL MAZARIN!!! I have no idea what the name means but it just sounds really cool to yell that. While the name may invoke satan worshipping metal heads (or is it just me?) the music couldn't be more different. Mazarin are a Philadelphia based band that have (to my knowledge) two records out. The Tall-Tale Storyline was released in 2001 and is a damn near perfect set of indie pop songs touched with a bit of psychedelia and space rock tendencies; Pitchfork gave the record good props if you tend to put much credence in what they say.

So here we are in 2005 and all I got to say is, ALL HAIL MAZARIN!!! Yell it. Go on. The new record is We're Already There and is a must hear. If you enjoy, for the most part, the music posted here at B & G then you will be consumed by this record. I don't mean to go overboard with the hyperbole but this record is, once again, about as perfect an indie pop record as you're likely to hear. This time around the boys add more drone to the sound, veering wonderfully close to Velvet Underground territory but still keeping their pop wits about them. It's a listen and a half.

Both records are excellent and fall into my can't miss category. If you listen you will like. It's damn near impossible to decide which songs to post but here we go:

2 songs from 2001's The Tall-Tale Storyline:


Suicide Will Make You Happy

1 song from the recently released We're Already There:

I'll See You In The Evening

Check em out over HERE


Blogger Garrincha said...

I've no idea where they come from but their name could be a reference to Jules Mazarin, who was both a Cardinal of the Catholic Church and France's Regent at the time (end of the 16th century)

11:17 AM  
Blogger Fire of lovE said...

Its a name on a cake, taste good

6:56 AM  

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