Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Weakerthans...

Nothing super new today, but the kids in the Weakerthans have been rockin' my iPod pretty hard lately. I liked Left And Leaving quite a bit but for some reason I didn't buy the follow up Resconstruction Site for some reason and, honestly, I don't remember why. Recently Ian Mathers wrote this very good piece for Stylus about the Weakerthans song "Aside". It got me to digging up L&L and then to download Reconstruction Site from eMusic. Man, I really missed the boat with Reconstruction Site. It just tickles my musical funny bone. It's been on heavy rotation for about a 11 days now and given my incredibly short musical attention span (I think that's why I like EPs so much) that's quite an accomplishment. So now I ask you to do the same. The Weakerthans rock in a semi-emo, semi-political always melodic way. There's even hints of country seeping out the speakers on Reconstruction Site. Really strong record and very recommended.

from Reconstruction Site:

Plea From A Cat Named Virtue

from Left And Leaving:



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