Friday, August 26, 2005

Minus The Bear...

Hi my name's Peter and I'm a lazy blogger. I've just been busy actually. But I've been digging on this Minus The Bear record Menos El Oso. I hadn't heard about these guys until a few weeks ago, but supposedly their last record was pretty knockin' as well. I can't speak to the veracity of said knockedness but Menos El Oso has been cranked loudly in my car mucho lately. It's a strange mix of emo, math rock, and pop. I think I described it to someone as semi-math rock-emo-avant flair. It's technically accomplished music which is actually something that usually turns me off (I think that's from sharing an office with an obsessed Steve Kimok fan for about 2 years); these guys can flat out play. It's melodic and loud, quirky, weird time changes, the vocals are a bit too smooth but not everyone can croak-emote like Will Scheff or Will Oldham or Joe Pernice. Definitely meant to be played loudly.

from Menos El Oso:


The Game Needed Me


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