Thursday, September 01, 2005

Megan Reilly...

I know very little about the silken voiced Megan Reilly. What little I do know was prompted by my purchase of of Verse Press's Isn't It Romantic (which I posted about in February I think) a great book of poetry that came with a CD chock full of love songs by all variety of singer songwriters. Recently I had the iPod on random and it landed on Reilly's contribution to that disc, a song called "With You", and I was absolutely transfixed. What a beautiful voice, heartfelt and sincere. So I did some digging and found her site and learned that she's got a pretty sizable following. She writes good songs, mellow, a certain jazz vibe but they all rest on the strength of her pipes. She's easing me into the morning just right today.

from her album Arc Of Tessa:


With You

He Is


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