Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Sometimes either bored or obsessive internet hunting leads to the same result. Whether accomplished through the lazy clicking of links or through a well strategized, well organized, well focused hunt, the end result is often equal. That's a real bitch sometimes. I guess either way I should be thankful for ending up with anything worthwhile at all much less a band as interesting and fresh as Kickball from Olympia, Wa. At this point I can throw around some obvious and rather loaded referents such as: quirky, indie, rhythmic, jangly, lo-fi. Sure they all apply but because I throw them around a lot I fear that they'll become like so much background scenery in a Road Runner vs. Coyote chase sequence. But they do apply and apply well. Coming across a band like Kickball is the kind of thing that makes writing this labor of love worthwhile. Check 'em out, they're touring extensively during March and Feb and may just be coming to a bar near you.

In addition to their My Space songs there are some assorted tracks from their self released records:

from 2005's ABCDEFGHIJKickball:




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