Friday, January 20, 2006

The Friday Post...

Ah, the friday post. It's always such a challenge for me because I'm inevitably excited about the weekend and I want that feelling of joy to come across in this end of the week post. But honestly there are times when I'm just not excited about the music that I'm a) listening to or b) have to review. This just happens to be one of those days. In fact it's been one of those weeks. Nothing new has grabbed me by the balls so I've been listening to some olders stuff that it's been hanging around my ears for awhile. Patterson Hood's solo record Killers And Stars (came out in 2004 I believe) has been occupying a bit of time. I don't love the whole thing but there are heart wrenching moments, in particular the song Hobo has done some repeat time. That whole album is imbued with a raw, barren feel that speaks to dark rooms and loneliness. Sometimes you need the dark to see the light.

Another song/artist with a similarly raw approach to songwriting is Chris Flemmons of The Baptist Generals. I swear sometimes he sounds as if the songs are held together with spit and dental floss. It's the fact that they actually hold together until the end that sometimes makes them seem so miraculous. Flemmons sounds like his heart is more than worn on his sleeve but has actually been stitched into the fabric of the shirt. I mean one listen to Going Back Song should convince even those with hearts of steel that homey goes deep.

Anyway, enough depressing songs of sin and salvation. How about a video with dogs and house music? Yes, my friends I think that pooches and beats go hand in hand, don't you? Check out this Vitalic Video.

Also pay a visit to World Of Sound a get an exclusive Haywood track. Then go and have a great weekend. First Bud's on me.


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