Friday, April 28, 2006

The Great Random Friday...

I'm all over the place lately. My ears have been undisciplined and deserve to be spanked. Whatever that means. Ok, I actually know what that means. It means that I've got a bunch of random stuff I've been listening to and thinking about. First off I've got in the stereo the new forthcoming release from Court And Spark. It's called Hearts and it's chock full of the off-kilter Americana freak show that I've come to expect from these hometown heroes. Initial impressions are positive. The record sounds like a good combination of the poppier moments of Witch Season and the trippier spacier moments of Ventura Whites. Many strong songs and a couple of heads scratchers but by and large I think this is an excellent record. I promise a song next week.

(edit) Just noticed that eMusic has Hearts available for download today!

We're also rapidly approaching the release of Jolie Hollands new one called Springtime Can Kill You. The record is a 12 track songcycle with the songs/stories ranging from waltzes to folk to jazz, but always anchored by Jolie's beautiful voice. Here's two:

Crazy Dreams

Spring Time Can Kill You

Also littering my listening has been Lambchop's recently released Decline of Country And Western Civilization Part 2 The Woodwind Years. It's a collection of a-sides, b-sides, out takes, and ephemera from the last dozen years or so. So many good songs on this thing. I've always liked the unclassifiable nature of Lambchop. Are they country? Are they pop? Are they lounge? What's Vic Chesnutt doing there? Really been enjoying this album.

Lambchop - Ovary Eyes

I guess there is a bit of a theme here involving understated elegant countryish pop music. Of course none of this takes into account how much I've been listening to the new Built To Spill or how I'm still stuck on Destroyer's Rubies. I'm just an indie rock nerd at heart. Have a good weekend.


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