Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Low Skies...

There's a time and a place for sad music. We all know this. Sometimes it just feels good to revel in someone else's pain, pain that's expressed through music or art or some outlet that we don't have ready access to. I love to write but I often find myself incapable of translating what I feel in my gut into sentences and punctuation marks that will invoke the same feeling in others. Good writers do it though and certainly good songwriters. I've always had an affinity for the sad sack and broken hearted. While I'm more than passingly familiar with pop's major referent points of heartbreak (be it Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan or Patsy Cline) honestly I wasn't truly affected by a heartbroken record until Richard Buckner's Devotion And Doubt. Of course that had to do as much as my situation at the time as with the heartbreaking excellence of that album. And isn't that the way things go? Music tends to pop in your life when you need it most, or maybe we're more receptive to it when we're at a point in our lives when we're a bit raw. Fortunately my skin is very much intact at this stage of my life, but a friend of mine is going through a tough time. The end of any relationship is hard, but when there's a long history and kids involved it's just so much sadder and harder. So in my round-a-bout way I guess I'm trying to give some context to Low Skies and their latest All The Love I Could Find. This is sad music tinged with Americana as so many of the best are. It rolls slow and steady. It creeps, cries and asks for no more than you listen. Maybe that'll be enough.

3 songs from All The Love I Could Find:


You Can't Help Those People

To Fail You


Blogger John said...

Sounds like a hard time. Hope you hold up okay. And by the way, Devotion and Doubt has been sort of my ultimate heartbroken record too. But as you said, timing and situation...

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