Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Maritime is comprised of former members of the defunct Promise Ring and Dismemberment Plan. I can't say I was into either of those bands though I know they flew the emo flag pretty high. That's not a knock against them it's more of a fact. So I got hipped to Maritime's recent album (released last month) We, The Vehicles a couple of weeks ago and slept on it. Then the song "Tearing Up The Oxygen" came on the iPod while in the shuffle mode and suddenly I was interested. I've now listened to the whole album probably 10 times and I've decided it's good. It's good in a subtle guitar pop kind of way. Maritime doesn't try to overwhelm you, it's more like they try to charm you on their own terms. It's catchy, hummable, filled with clever flourishes and touches like new wavey synth lines. A very strong record that's quietly creeping up my list of best of 2006.

A couple of songs provded by the Flameshovel Records:


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