Thursday, May 11, 2006


If you've blogged for long enough about music and such eventually you end up on the email list of many many publicists who send you blanket emails pimping their clients. No matter if the group is completely inappropriate to what you cover in your blog, you're caught in the net. I usually ignore these things, hitting delete after a cursory glance at the body of the email. Well at the risk of encouraging a ten fold increase in these emails one of them has finally stuck. Perhaps I'm showing my ignorance to fans of
Snowglobe who will chastise me with cries of "about time!" As I understand it Snowglobe really only had one proper album Doing The Distance before essentially disbanding. They now collaborate from afar with each member taking a turn as the point man and main songwriter for a record. The new one is called Oxytocin and is managed and written by Brad Posthelwaite (sorry Brad, I'm sure I just butchered your name). The band's sound in general tends towars a slightly psychedlic pop that I'd liken to both Neutral Milk Hotel and Flaming Lips. The songs from the forthcoming record are a bit more engaging. But it's all good as the kids say.

2 songs from Doing The Distance:

Changes - dig the handclaps.

Regime - love the organ on this one.

2 songs from Oxytocin out in July:




Blogger Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you don't read my emails, but I'm glad you read this one. Actually, Snowglobe had two albums before. The other one was called Our Land Brains and is fantastic. Thanks for posting this!

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