Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's the heat, man. It makes it hard to blog when it's so hot outside. I start sweating just looking at the keyboard, then the little computer fan comes on and I'll I can think of is cold beer and mojitos, so it's pretty much over at that point. But with a nice cooling trend on the horizon here in the bay area I think I can force out a post.

I know a lot of mp3 blogs have been hitting up the new David Bazan so I'm not breaking any new ground here. But Fewer Moving Parts has really grown on me. Let me state from the outset that I was never a huge Pedro The Lion fan. In fact I only own Achilles' Heel, which I like well enough but doesn't slay me. But there's something about Fewer Moving Parts that gets me, maybe it's the acoustic renderings of the electric songs together in one package. Don't know. But I find Bazan more affecting here than every before. Maybe it's the weather.

2 songs from Fewer Moving Parts:

Fewer Broken Pieces

Fewer Broken Pieces (acoustic)

Note: if you're an eMusic subscriber (and you should be) Our Lady of the Highway has been added to the database. Even better is that Beauty Won't Save Us This Year is a FREE download. Kill You With Numbers is also available. Get them.


Blogger Spiro said...

you really should give control a listen. many suggest that it was bazan at his finest.

2:07 AM  

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