Monday, July 17, 2006


Halou hails from San Francisco and plays a very electronic based pop music that recalls elements of both straight electronica (think Tricky, Massive Attack) and, at least on this outing, elements of straight indie rock a la Garbage or Mazzy Star. Their new record Wholeness & Separation is a sprawling 14 tracks of ethereal, atmospheric, crashing, glitchy, pop. The band's anchored by the delicate vocals of Rebecca Coseboom. Rebecca has a light touch, a voice that seems to float above the programmed loops and organic instruments. She's breathy but not in a wimpy way, she pushes back at the instruments as necessary creating a lovely contrast. I think a lot of people are sleeping on this one because it's not exactly electronica or dance and it's not exactly indie rock either. Perhaps it's not finding the right audience. Give it a try I've become quite fond of it.

1 track from Wholeness & Separation:

Wholeness. This track is a bit louder/harder than some of the other more ethereal tracks. But I like it a lot.


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