Thursday, July 27, 2006

Velvet Teen...

Santa Rosa, Ca.'s own The Velvet Teen has quietly returned with a loud album. If Out of the Fierce Parade was the band's indie rock guitar attack, and Elysium was their piano based change of pace with overtones of epic lyrical turns, then the new record Cum Laude is a swing back towards the guitar heavy indie rock the band founded itself on. Noisier than any other record that Velvet Teen has made, there's still a heavy melodicism contained here. My only complaint is that the vocals (and consequently lyrics) are lost in the feedback and volume. I loved Elysium because of the lyrics and the band's ability to make quieter songs interesting on a record that relied on the piano like most records rely on the electric guitar. Is Cum Laude a return to roots? A new direction? A backpedaling away from the sonic introspection of Elysium that may have alienated a few fans? You'll have to decide.

From Cum Laude:


In A Steadman Spray. Recommended.


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