Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Magic Magicians...

Word on the street, or at least in my house, is that my wife either dated or had a crush on drummer Joe Plummer during high school. They both grew up, or at least spent some high school years, in Mariposa, Ca. Both have gone on to great things. My wife wisely married me and, wisely again, bore my wee daughter. Mr. Plummer, in a far less illustrious career move, went on to drum for Modest Mouse and, currently, The Black Heart Procession, both fine bands. But like all good indie rock players Joe has a side project. It's really quite good and rather distinct from his day job. The Magic Magicians is Joe's project with John Atkins of 764-HERO. The MM's are a ragged throwback to the kind of melodic hard rock (I hesitate to use the word punk) that recalls Husker Du, early 'Mats and the like but with more drama. The band's last release was in 2001 though I'm told they are still active.

2 songs from The Magic Magicians:

Cascade Express

I'm On Your Side


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