Friday, October 13, 2006

Monster Movie...

Monster Movie gets props for no other reason than that they were once in Slowdive, and that's cool. I remember when I got Monster Movie's first EP in 2001 because my friend had burned it for me onto a reformatted AOL sign up disc, you know the one's that littered the mail for years. Certainly on that first EP and even the following album Last Night Something Happened the fruit didn't fall too far from the Slowdive tree.

Now here I am in 2006 listening to All Lost the newest from Monster Movie. First off, excellent art work by Will Schaff. Second off this record kinda makes my head hurt, and not because it's loud or has weird subsonic tones that you don't know you're hearing. It's because there's so much genre jumping that the second I get to head nodding and digging what's going on the rug is pulled out from under me. That's usually not a problem, but what is is that there's not only genre jumping but a definite unpredictability in song quality. I sound like a shitty ass critic here but the record opens with 5 great songs and then drops "Driving Through The Red Lights" with its synth handclaps and lack of melody. Whatever, I guess I'm being a nitpicky bugger because really it's a decent record. I just have to make a playlist of the album with only the tracks I like, which is a bit obnoxious but...

1 song from All Lost:

Vanishing Act


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