Thursday, October 12, 2006

Swallow And Swallows...

Swallow And Swallows is a side project of Dominic East of Our Lady Of The Highway. Less pop/americana than his regular out fit, Swallow And Swallows is a melancholy journey through heartbreak and emotional bitterness. There aren't very many upbeat moments on the record (released through Fogsnob Records here in SF) either musically or lyrically. East has always had a way with heartache and his lyrics show his preoccupation with boys and girls and the myriad ways that they can and do hurt one another. Unlike Our Lady of the Highway Swallow And Swallows shows a strong penchant for electronic bleeps and blips, snyths and drum programming. It's a refreshingly different setting for his lyrics to live within.

1 song from Swallow And Swallows:



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