Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Strugglers still get me...

The more I listen to the The Strugglers 2005 album You Win the more I love it. For whatever reasons it's been on heavy rotation for the last two weeks, so despite the fact that posted about them in June of last year. Honestly though that's the best kind of record, isn't it? The kind you find and enjoy, that get lost in the shuffle of listening, only to be rediscovered and enjoyed even more than the first time around. Even better is the the news that The Strugglers have about completed their next album The Latest Rights. No word on when it's be out, but I wait eagerly.

From the excellent You Win:

The Rejection Letter.

Also of note regarding The Strugglers, mostly because it's more recent news and doesn't make that post a complete redundancy, is a split CD EP that they released on Tract Records called If We Were Ghosts. It's a pretty cool deal where Tract Records does a four way split series (four bands each doing a couple of songs), home spun art work, collectable, very cool, very un digital which is nice. If We Were Ghosts brings together The Strugglers, Pink Nasty, The Black Swans and Virginia Reel. There are MP3 samples on the site. This is the kind of thing worth owning, reminds me aesthetically of the Dark Beloved Cloud singles club. Very nice.

Also recently noticed that UnBunny quietly put out a little EP called Typist like a year ago. I'm a big fan of Jared/Unbunny and have no excuse as to why this one slipped by, aside from the obvious fact that I have a life and can't possibly be expected to keep up on every single dingle thing that every indie singer/songwriter out there is doing. You can listen to the "X" from Typist at the Unbunny myspace page.

That's it for me this week. I'm going to go fall down in the snow this weekend. Hopefully all limbs will remain attached.


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