Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Death has become me...

not really it just feels like it. I've been felled by some terrible bird/porcupine flu combo. Trust me it sucks. I don't ever get sick. I think the last time was like six years ago, which means I should amend my prior statement to "I only get sick every six years". But I do it right. Fever, chills, the whole nine yards. I think I'm getting better.

Now it's been both a blessing and a curse that my 7 year old daughter has been sick at the same time as me. I now have seen every episode of Spongebob Squarepants (that could construed as either a blessing or a curse), I actually like a show called Avatar, and may stick my foot in a garbage disposable in order to get out of ever watching another episode of Jimmy Neutron. One cool thing I did discover was a show called Jack's Big Music Show. It's a kids music show hosted by a couple of puppets (I think they're dogs) who sing catchy songs about their various predicaments and plans. Very entertaining. But the really cool thing are the short videos and guest stars the creators have throughout the show. Very catchy pop songs that make sick kids and dads happy. And then, get this, I find that Andrew Bird guested on the show as Dr. Stringz and performed one of the catchiest songs ever. Here it is:

Just fantastic. Makes me even hungrier for the new Bird record. Ok. That's about all I can manage.


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