Monday, January 03, 2005


A quirky band from the Bay Area Dealership is a crafty three piece that plays sparkling pop music. It's a mix of indie rock guitars, keyboards, and skittering drums. It's fun stuff. They're on the same label (Turn Records) as The Dying Californian who I wrote about recently (and kicks some serious ass I might add). Depending on which song is on Dealership reminds me of a louder Papas Fritas or a more spastic Yo La Tengo. Though don't hold me to either of those comparisons as they do have a sound that is uniquely their own. If you live in the SF Bay Area take note that on Thursday Jan. 13 Turn Records will be having a show at the Cafe Du Nord. Not only will Dealership and The Dying Californian be on the bill but the long missing Track Star will make a triumphant return, should be a rocking good time.

From Dealership's most recent record Action/Adventure:


Pure Of Heart

From TV Highway to the Stars:




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