Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mr. Rhett Miller

So recently I've gotten into bowling. I know, I know, you're thinking I've given up on athletics all together and have just given into the slow slide into middle age without even a little bit of fight. Not true I say, not true. I'm still active in a number of competitive or at least aerobic sports but recently I've discovered the joy of rolling the ball down the lane. It's undeniable, it's American, it's wholesome family fun. Frankly, my six year old daughter loves it and is pretty good considering the ball is about half her size. I don't want you to think I'm ashamed of being a bowler (my wife and I have actually joined a league) it's just that I think there's a stigma associated with an overweight guido with greasy hair and bad acne competing on the pro bowlers tour Sunday morning on ESPN. I'm not saying that's how it, I'm saying that's how it may be perceived. Okay, I admit that the typical bowler at my lanes the fabulous Country Club Bowl (it has a bar called The Candlestick Room that serves Bud in bottles shaped like bowling pins, c'mon how cool is that?) may be a bit pear shaped or graying but they're having a good time and not sitting on the couch. I guess what I'm trying to do is remove the stigma attached to bowling which brings me to my absurdly awkward segue way into Rhett Miller. Rhett Miller just isn't cool by himself. Cool with Old 97's yes, solo cool no. But Why? I've made no secret of my love for his last solo record The Instigator which was generally panned but has always tickled my pop funny bone just so. Much like bowling Rhett Miller albums are fun. Don't think about it too much just do it and enjoy it. Which is the way you need to approach his new record The Believer. The Believer is every bit as good as The Instigator and no matter what you think of his solo work you can't deny that Miller can write a great pop song and turn a phrase or lyric with wit and pastiche. It's an album of catchy guitar pop with not much of the alt-country style of the Old 97's. You won't find this record on many year end lists (admittedly not mine either) but it will bring joy and love into your heart, just like bowling.

So in conclusion friends both bowling and Rhett Miller are OK. Don't fear that your hipster cool cover will be blown. We're all allowed a guilty pleasure here and there in this life and I think that either bowling or Rhett Miller solo albums will do just fine. Both, even better.

2 songs from The Believer:

Meteor Shower

I'm With Her


Blogger cookies from elastic said...

Hey, great post! I agree completely that Rhett Miller is fun, and you're bowling analogy is amusing and inventive. I really like "Meteor Shower," but I'm not able to download "I'm With Her," just so you know.


11:25 AM  
Blogger ri0 said...

i've not heard alot of rhett miller but i heard the believer and thought it was fantastic....and the fact that it's about elliott smith is even better

6:16 PM  

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