Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Denison Witmer...

So nice to have a few quiet moments this AM before I throw myself back into my long day of computer screens, phone calls, no lunch break, long hours. Sometimes events simply conspire against you and you've gotta go with the flow. At work I'm currently very short handed necessitating my long days and lonely hours. Just as an example: within two weeks of one another one guy fell of his mountain bike in the Marin Headlands and shattered his collarbone (not broke, I mean seriously like shattered it in three pieces) and another fella got his foot run over by a truck. I mean, what the fuck. Of course all that coincided nicely with a two week vacation another 3rd guy had planned for months. What are you gonna do?

So enough of my bitching and moaning. So finally this AM I have a few minutes. I don't have to be up at the crack of dawn to get to work. But I did have to get my daughter out of bed and motivated to go to school, which is a large challenge because she's my daughter and we both share a serious love of sleep. So this AM I try a little music to get her going. No, I did not opt for my old Minor Threat record. Nor did I use Squirell Bait's first album. I went the mellow route. I started out with Gillian Welch's Time (The Revelator) which seemed to have a minor affect (I certainly enjoyed it). Then I tried a little bit of Denison Witmer's July released album Are You A Dreamer?, the implication being pretty stark obvious. That at least got her up and into the shower and for that I owe Denison a post.

Are You A Dreamer is a mellow singer/songwriter vibe, acoustic guitar gently picked, excellent lyrics and a voice that if it wasn't tucked into these songs you'd find to be utterly unremarkable. But in his songs it works. You should be thinking Elliott Smith, Bloomed era Buckner without the pipes, a male Aimee Mann. Excellent AM music and pretty damn good as well for wooing the one whose pants you wish to enter.

from 2002's Philadelphia Songs:

Leaving Philadelphia (Arriving Seattle)

from Are You A Dreamer:

Are You A Dreamer


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