Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A post a day, 5 days a week that's the goal here. Not overly ambitious I know, but ya gotta start somewhere. Todays little nugget of goodness is from Calexico. The band is primarily Joey Burns and John Convertino surrounded by a revolving assortment of musicians. As a back up band Joey and John have done great stuff with Giant Sand and, for a little awhile, Richard Buckner. I saw them both play as Calexico and back up Buckner (circa Devotion and Doubt) about 8 years ago at San Francisco's Bottom Of The Hill. Great show. This track is taken from their recent EP Convict Pool. The song here is a cover originally written and performed by Brian Maclean of Love. Although the original version begs a band like Calexico to cover it, what with the originals spanish guitars and horns, it's still amazing to me how Calexico is able to make the song uniquely their own. It's not just the overriding tex/mex tone crossed with indie rock vocals that the boys employ so well. It's the fact that you could here this song blaring out of La Rondalle in the Mission as easily as at Zeitgeist. It's done that well. As always if you dig it, you should buy it. I mean, it's an EP it's not that expensive. Buy It

Alone Again Or


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You mean La Rondalle doesn't have a website you can link?

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