Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Dirty On Purpose...

This came in the mail yesterday. The band is Dirty On Purpose and their EP is Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow. I know there's currently a slight backlash against what sounds like updated new wave music (whatever that is), I think it's being called now-wave or neo-wave or something. In alot of cases I think it's a valid complaint (I think The Faint could've done better than Wet Before Birth, The Killers essentially copped an entire moment and have successfully vomited back at us) but sometimes just because a band echoes an era shouldn't be a knock against it. I think it's more than OK, perhaps even to be encouraged, for a band to legitimately update a sound thus making it new and their own. I think that's going with Dirty on Purpose. I'm pretty sure they're from New York, but don't think Strokes. This is sound is more akin to The Call and Echo & The Bunnymen but with a lovely boy/girl vocal exchange and a sickly sweet guitar buzz that makes things both more and less modern. That was a poor descriptive sentence, but cut me a break I do this for free. I highly recommend the PURCHASE of Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow.

Couple of mp3 links from their website:


Mind Blindness - This is an early mix of the song on Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow. I like it a lot.


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