Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Live Pernice Brothers...

I'm a huge Pernice Brothers fan. Have been since the days of the amazing Scud Mountain Boys. Joe Pernice is well due for a new album. I imagine it's on the horizon but I haven't heard much buzz in the old grapevine. So to get my fix I recently ordered their live album which comes with a DVD documentary and some music videos. Good Stuff. Purchase Pernice Brothers - Nobody's Watching here. The most enjoyable thing about the record (released last year incidentally) is there's some live versions of Scud Mountain Boys songs.

Please to be enjoying two songs from Nobody's Watching:

Grudge Fuck (live)

Flaming Wreck (live)

The best I've heard thus far in 2005:

Archer Prewitt - Wilderness

Andrew Bird - & The Mysterious Production of Eggs

Magnolia Electric Co. - Trials And Errors

Josh Rouse - Nashville

M Ward - Transistor Radio

Iron & Wine - Woman King EP

Things on the horizon that will most likely kick arse:

Okkervill River - Black Sheep Boy
Silver Jews - new album in the fall
M.I.A. - Arular
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (this is a really great record. If you've already downloaded it, please buy it when it comes out)
Magnoia Electric Co. - new album in April?


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